Thursday, 7 March 2013

March Madness

I'm on day two of my diet. I'm feeling so irritated with everything in my life. The one thing I feel that is holding me together is the structure of my March diet plan. My boyfriend is up and down emotionally as well as everyone in my family. I found safety in my eating disorder once again. I have been doing really well this month and plan to continue. I'm fasting today even though it's not on my schedule...But who the fuck cares about schedule, if I don't feel like eating and have no apatite I should obviously take advantage of that. Tonight I am doing to drink until I puke. I haven't been drunk in a while. Oh wait. No I'm not. I have an interview tomorrow. Boat detailing! I'm so happy about this because I know I'll get the job. And with this job comes a lot of active days, moving all the time, working out... Not to mention working around hot marine mechanics will be a motivator in itself. I'll get drunk tomorrow instead. Tonight I will go for a run. Anyways, I'm only half way through the day so I suppose I'll see how I'm doing at the end of it.

Xoxo, N.

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